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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Ski Resorts in Poland

In Szklarska Poreba in Poland there work hotels and recreation centers from two to four stars year-round. They have meeting rooms, massage rooms, solariums and jacuzzis, billiard and bowling alleys, restaurants and swimming pools with view on mountains. In short, conditions in Poland are not worse and often even better than in other expensive western European mountain resorts. Prices at that are quite competitive. The cost of services package including accommodation in a double room at Shrenitsa hotel and two meals a day is about 500 euros. An individual tourist will pay in Poland from 30 to 50 euros per day for accommodation in a double room of a three-star hotel. Besides various ski slopes there are equipped rinks and excellent cross-country trails at the resort. Discos, museums and monuments of nature in Poland will brighten up leisure hours. For example, a 27-meter waterfall Kamenchik, which you can know better, going down into the gorge by the steps. Austrian investors, who own about 75% of what is built at the resort, contribute money in the development of the main ski resort of Poland Ski Arena. Here there are introduced the most modern standards of alpine technology and construction methods, development and maintenance of trails with varying degrees of complexity, new lifts installed.

There is however a serious problem retarding the progress in Poland. This is the position of Karkonosze National Park on the area of which the popular Polish resort is located. “Our Austrian partners are interested in further investments, – says the chief engineer of “SudetenlandLift” Pawel Gogolewski. – However, the park administration in Poland is against new facilities, assuming that their appearance will damage the reserve. On the Slovak side, in the same Karkonosze there are no such problems, there everything is successfully developed. But we are optimistic and ready to build new trails and lifts, including 6-seat chairlift – “sofa”, which will increase capacity from 8 to 10 – 12 thousand people per hour in Poland.”

Mount Hood Ski Resort

Whether it’s at Cooper Spur, Timberline Lodge, or another Mount Hood ski resort, you will want to find a place to stay nearby that will have the maximum comfort and amenities that your vacation budget can handle.

There are plenty of choices for Mount Hood lodging located either to the north or to the west of Mount Hood. Everything from hotels to motels, cabins, and vacation rentals can all be found within a 30 minute drive of any Mount Hood ski resort.

Let’s say you and your family want to skip the motel scene in lieu of other Mount Hood lodging options. Sure, staying in a hotel is what you and your family usually do on a weekend getaway or vacation, but this vacation is different. You want to be able to have a little more peace and quiet after a long day on the ski slopes or the tubing hill. Beside that you brought a larger group of people with you this time and you might not want to be in a motel in which your group will take up more than one room. For all you know, the multiple rooms your group has just might be scattered across the motel property.

It might not be a bad idea to look into the possibility of renting a cabin or some other vacation rental near Mt. Hood so that you and your family are able to stay together.

Because here’s the deal:

By staying at a hotel chain in Government Camp, your family will probably need to rent two rooms. For two rooms at even $100 per room, that essentially comes to $200 per night. For about the same money you and your family can take advantage of a wonderful Mount Hood lodging experience by renting a cabin near your favorite Mount Hood ski resort. There you will have the ability to remain relatively close to your family without getting each other’s hair.

Look at it this way. Even if the cabin cost an extra $15-$20 per night, the cost would be more than offset by the savings from the food you buy at the grocery store rather than having to purchase food a cafe or restaurant.

Just do a search on the Internet for different places to stay when you visit Mount Hood for your winter getaway. You’ll find a number of options in Government Camp, Welches, and Parkdale that will suit your wants and needs.

Best Place to Ski in Australia

When most people hear the word Australia they will often think of the Outback or the large cities such as Melbourne. However, Australia is known for something so much more that makes it truly unique, great skiing. As there are numerous resorts and runs that the beginner to the most advanced skier will find challenging. As a result, there are numerous places to ski that can provide you with that sense of rigid beauty that Australia is known for with the traditional winter feel.

Charlotte Pass

Located in the Snowy Mountains this ski area the resort is in the town of Charlotte Pass Village. The area is completely snowed in during the winter which means that over snow transport is necessary to go in and out of Charlotte’s Pass. However, once at the resort it is clear that the entire town has become virtual ski area as you can literally ski from your front door to the lifts. This provides visitors from all walks of life that winter experience which is difficult to find in many areas of the world as large interests have commercialized the sport. At Charlotte Pass, you can see what it felt like to skiing 50 years ago when many areas were known to be inaccessible during the winter.

Dinner Plain

This ski area is located a little over 5.5 hours from Melbourne. However, the skiing is well worth the trip with the resort catering to mainly beginners as evidence by all of the runs at such skill levels. The resort is nestled in the high Victorian Alps and can provide everyone with that overall unique feel of classic Australian architecture with the wondrous beauty of Victoria.

Clearly, Australia has outstanding skiing for skiers of all skill levels. During the winter the various snow reports indicate snow fall amounts similar to what is experienced at the popular areas in the Northern hemisphere. This along with the one of a kind feel is what makes Australian skiing the well kept secret that only continues to build a vast grass roots following.

Way Save Money Before get to the Ski Resort

As we all know, it is easy to buy pretty much anything online: cars, books and computers. However, for an avid skier, what about shopping for skis, ski Boots, helmets and equipment? Is it possible to skip your local ski store and buy your equipment online? Simple answer, yes. Why limit yourself to a few ski stores in your neighborhood when you can search for the best deals online. One of the biggest advantages of buying your ski equipment online can be the cost savings and finding the best selection of equipment you need.

Obviously, one of the biggest concerns with purchasing ski equipment online is getting the correct fitting for your size and weight. A simple solution to this problem is to visit your local ski store and get fitted for your equipment (skis, ski boots and ski poles). Plus, take this opportunity to get all the free advice from the sales staff on their favorite brands and models. The sales staff can also advise you on the right ski equipment for your profile (beginner, intermediate or expert).

Once you have the information on size and fit, it’s time to do a little bit of research. So grab some coffee and get comfortable because there is a lot of information out there. For example, if you are looking for skis, I would begin with a website called . They are an independent source of current reviews on skis and they can steer you in the right direction before you make any purchase. If you can’t decide on the type of skis you want to buy (all mountain, powder, twin tip or racing), there is another website called, which can provide information on the differences between each type of ski.

Finally, after you have completed your research you can start shopping. It is easy to find deals by searching through some of the major online ski stores. Websites like or to name a few, have a great selection of ski equipment. One website, searches multiple websites for sales on ski equipment. They then post all of the deals on their website.

I hope this article can help you on your next purchase. Your local ski shop doesn’t have to be your only option to buy ski equipment. And don’t get me wrong, there is no reason that you have to buy your ski equipment online. There are plenty of local ski shops that will offer competitive deals. However, if you do the research first you can make an educated decision before you buy. Ski equipment can be an expensive investment so just take some time to look online before you buy. See you on the slopes!